Hi! 👋 Welcome to my personal portfolio — a snippet of what I'm interested in, learning about, and where I’ve been.

Who I am

📊 Analytics @ Capital One 🤔

🎓 Studied Data Science @ WashU MS/BS

💻 Previously @ **Fiserv, LinkedIn, Abbott**

🚀 Past Fellow @ MLT, DS4A, ColorStack, HSF

🎗️ Awarded @ [WashU](https://engineering.wustl.edu/offices-services/alumni/scholarship-program.html#:~:text=The McKelvey School of Engineering,to attain an extraordinary education.), QuestBridge, SEEDS

🗣 Speaks in English, Spanish, & Portuguese

📍 Traveled to 🇪🇨🇬🇹🇪🇸🇩🇪🇨🇿🇳🇱🇵🇱🇱🇻🇱🇹🇪🇪🇫🇮

🏡 NYC Metro — 📌 Currently in DC Metro

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Striving Towards

📕 Reading a book per month 📚

🥇 Getting better at indoor soccer ⚽️

🎷 Relearning Sax, maybe DJ’ing 🎧

🍴 Trying too many new restaurants 🥘

Get In Touch

✏️ Github @bryancoronel0303

💼 Linkedin @bryancoronel1

📩 Gmail @bryancoronel0303

📎 Resume **@experience**

Why You Should Be Interested

What I’ve Built (1)

What I’ve Built

What I’ve Built

Where I Come From



Coming from a first-generation, immigrant background has presented its challenges at every stage in my life. Despite this, I'm blessed to have received support from different organizations and scholarships along the way.

I play a big role in being the first to do many things in my family, especially to my little sisters. At the end of the day, my goal is to make my parents proud without sacrificing my passions. I'm thankful if you decide to become a part of my journey too.

Thank you for reading 😎


Absorbing as much knowledge as I possibly can.

🤞 Ongoing

✅ Finished

Quickly Blogging Things!

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